Bucket List

dance in the rain
zip line
ride roller coasters
diving with the gentle giants (oslob, cebu)
sign a petition
explore caves
be in a movement
bungee jump
be in two places at once
learn to ride a bicycle
eat unlimited ice cream for a day
go on the roof top to watch the city's view
go on a night out with friends
over speeding and / or joy riding in a local city at night or midnight
publish a book
dress in a rainbow
go to hollywood
go to an irish pub
skinny dip
cross country travel from scratch (adventure's sake)
attend a hillsongs united concert
buy and eat cupcakes at dc cupcakes australia
hug some really cute and adorable chubby reddish cheeked chums and take a picture
document adventures
date my teacher
lye on the roof top just watching the stars & relax

Life's a beautiful mess!                                                                                                         Just live it. ;)


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