Long Overdue

Greater things have yet to come and greater things are still to be done in this city! --- God Of This City, Chris Tomlin 

I know it's been decades since I have posted a thing here in my blogspot. Loads of events has been taking place lately, projects that has to be done, certain lessons that needs my attention and some things, skills that I need to spend time on studying. Recently, I was happy to resume my illustration lessons from Milan Fashion Campus! It has been also more than a year since I've started it by making some sketches, primarily on the eyes, due to the very reason that I'm still on the process of enhancing my artistic abilities on such.

Aside from that, I've been joining various organizations, ventured into business, getting invited into private events during the weekends that can help through my personal & professional growth. Even collaborating with my dear colleagues needs time, attention, planning and getting into a closer look into the details.

You might say that I may have given up on this little space / blog, in fact, I almost did. Probably, due to a lack of commitment, which is some virtue that I'm trying to work on. But see, I'm still here. Living. Kicking. Fighting. Taking chances & Moving on to territories.

More may come. Expect it!  


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